Podcast #07 – The Fantastic Frank Rose Bailey IV Episode!

There comes a time in every podcast when something special happens.  That’s why this week we have our very own Frank Bailey on as a guest talking about his latest project, the Unauthorized Melrose Place Story, where he portrays Andrew Shue / Billy Campbell! We chat about the production and discover what Frank knows about actors and movie titles in a brand new game.  And, yes, we know that Jaden Smith was in the Pursuit of Happyness… at least we know that now. Also, check out the links below for the mentioned charitable organizations that are worth a look:

www.dosomething.orgfrom the website “One of the largest global orgs for young people and social change, our 4 million members tackle campaigns that impact every cause, from poverty to violence to the environment to literally everything else. Any cause, anytime, anywhere. *mic drop*”

www.cafemom.comfrom the website “CafeMom is the leading digital media company for moms, dedicated to improving moms’ lives by helping them make better decisions, form genuine connections, and take a deserved break. Each month, we reach more than 30 million users across our properties, which include CafeMom.com, MamásLatinas.com,TheStir.com, and BabyNameWizard.com.”

AAT 07 Melrose Place Promo
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Podcast #06 – Night Owl High, Part Two with Matthew Spears and Cyrus Lord Bryant

Last week, we talked to some of the creative talent behind the camera of TELUS #STORYHIVE winner Night Owl High. This week, Frank and Jonathan chat with stars of the show Matthew Spears (Perd Carlyle) and Cyrus Lord Bryant (Tommy). If you haven’t done so already, check out the pilot episode of Night Owl High on the TELUS Optik Youtube channel at this link and, please rate / comment / subscribe to us on iTunes! You know you want to!

Podcast #05 – Night Owl High, Part One with Kris McRonney and Agnes Debinska

We’ve got another twofer! We liked the guys at recent TELUS #STORYHIVE winner Night Owl High so much, we decided that one show just wasn’t going to cut it. So, this week, we chat with executive producer Kris McRonney and production designer Agnes Debinska. Check out the pilot episode of Night Owl High on the TELUS Optik Youtube channel at this link and, as always, rate / comment / subscribe to us on iTunes!


Podcast #04 – The Games That People Play

You know us primarily for our discussions of the local film-making and TV scene but we have other interests too, you know?  Yes we do!  So, this week, Frank, Jon, and Jonathan change it up and discuss what video games they’re playing.  Jon has some Xbox One related news gleaned from the recent E3 conference. Jonathan waxes nostalgic over old DOOM mods.  And Frank loves ARK: Survival Evolved, ‘nuff said.  As always, please rate / comment / subscribe to us on iTunes and, if you really love us, share us on all your social media sites!  We love to share.

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